About Me

My name is Jessica and I’m a hard workin’ freelance graphic designer,
DIYer, and overall great gal currently living in Chicago.

Strengths: creative problem solving (aka “figuring it out”), being positive,
efficiency, planning, parallel parking, and baking

I’m happiest when I’m: creating, helping people, learning new things,
sipping iced coffee in the sun, or hanging out with one of my 6 sisters

By Land & By Sea is a record of the things I love:
design, traveling, new adventures, DIY, textiles, crafts, plants,  
to-do lists, good beer, dusk, my sisters, my boyfriend, and my cat

I like sharing ideas and meeting new people, so feel free to get in touch
through the contact form or by emailing hello@bylandandbysea.net

Thank you for leaving a message.